Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We do accept visa, mastercard, and American express. All payments are processed by SQUARE.

Q: Do you give free estimates?
A: We do give free estimates if you are within city limits. Please remember phone bids or verbal bids are not honored and must be written in a contract. Material prices vary greatly and we cannot provide exact costs on site.

Q: I have a coupon, can I use it anytime?
A: Yes, as long as the project does not exceed 500$ or is under a written contract. Coupons can only be used once.

Q: Can I set up an appointment after 5PM?
A: NO, In emergency situations we can perform services after 5PM or on weekends, please be prepared with a form of payment, see our overtime rates for details. $120 Travel charge is applicable.

Q: Can you send me a bill after work is performed?
A: New customers must pay their service call at the time of service or make a deposit in order to be placed on account. All new accounts are billed every 30 days. Work for realtors must be pre authorized and paid for at job completion.

Q: Why did I receive a past due notice?
A: Accounts will be placed in a 'past due' status after 30 days of non payment. Accounts older than 60 days will be charged 2% per month (24%APR). Accounts over 90 days late will be placed into collections. Once in collections, we cannot reverse the process or accept payment.

Q: What happens if I don't pay?
A: We reserve the right to remove any plumbing previously installed, shut off incoming gas/water supply, and refer to an outside collection agency.

Q: Can I set up an appointment through email?
A: No, you must call and set up an appointment.

Q: What type of warranty do you offer?
A: We warranty our labor for 120 days. All parts come with manufacturer specified warranties which can vary from 1 year to a limited lifetime warranty. We only buy from manufacturers that stand behind their product. We do NOT warranty any owner supplied parts.

Q: Do you sell parts at a retail level?
A: Not at this time.

Q: My bill is different from the last time I had service. Why is this?
A: Material prices change on a monthly basis (sometimes even daily). This all depends on the metal and oil market. We are constantly updating prices to stay competitive.

Q: Why are your prices so low compared to the big national shops?
A: Our overhead is very low. We don't run costly ads on TV or run full page phonebook ads. Our business depends on referrals!

Q: Can you get here in the next 30 minutes?
A: No.

Q: I just bought a toilet at home-depot, can you put this in?
A: Yes we can. Keep in mind we are not responsible for providing warranty service on owner supplied parts. We are also not to be held responsible for items purchased by you of the wrong size, open boxed items, missing parts, store bought returns (DEFECTIVE), damaged or scratched parts, wrong colors, or items that are not UPC approved.

Q: What do you think of online plumbing stores?
A: If you buy a faucet from a discount retailer, be prepared. Faucets from these places are often VERY hard to find parts for and are even made of lower quality metals. In our opinion, stay with a MAJOR BRAND such as delta, moen, or kohler. If you have problem down the road at least you can contact the manufacturer.

Q: Do you hydrojet sewer and drain lines?
A: We do not currently have jetting equipment. We are working at providing this service in the future.

Q: I can't find my main water shutoff valve, do I have one?
A: 90% of homes in the area have a water shutoff valve INSIDE the home. Sometimes its hidden behind a wall or behind the water heater. We urge customers to spend some time and locate this valve. It could save you in the event of an emergency!

Q: My toilet and shower are bubbling when I use the kitchen or do laundry. Why is this?
A: The main sewer line from your home may be plugged. The line may need to be cleaned with the proper equipment.

Q: I used a bottle of drain opener in my kitchen sink, Is this bad?
A: There are many different kinds of liquid drain cleaners available at the hardware store. Using these to clear a drain may damage fittings which are old, corroded, and rusted. Some types of liquids can even damage the finish on the sink itself! We do not advise using liquid drain cleaners in homes older than 15 years.

Q: Why is this web site so plain?
A: Because its easy to update! We do our own web site design so we don't have time for java programming, flash, apps, etc. THE PLUMBERS RUN THE WEBSITE.

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